The Deadly Virus was Never Covid-19, it was Marxism: How your local politician got suckered into being a host

The thing to know about viruses is that they migrate into our bodies by tricking or overwhelming our immune systems and gaining control of our normally healthy functions. All viral attacks are a kind of war for control of our bodies, and we count on our immune systems to fight them off. However, with deadly viruses such as HIV, they gain access to our bodies by tricking our immune systems to stand down and not engage the enemy. In retroviruses of many kinds, they attack healthy cells and actually reprogram our DNA into mutations of sick cell structure which can then lead to incurable illnesses. So it should come as no surprise that socialists and Marxist revolutionaries within the communist Chinese government and their partners in the World Health Organization would seek to duplicate viral outbreaks on a social scale and to attack each and every person in the world in the same manner, with viral ideas that attack our sociology in the same way that HIV does healthy immune systems. When doctors study these things obviously it would occur to them in order to protect their own concerns for constant government funding for their projects that a sociological viral attack would benefit them greatly and change society to what they think is a more healthy Marxist ideology which from their point of view would be better. Its not therefore surprising that the term conspiracy theory is applied to this current crises, because the strategy falls outside normal human concerns, but taken in a wide view are quite clear, and it is in that understanding that all the politicians who were tricked into lockdowns, social distancing, and face mask application to the controls of public health realize they are guilty of economic destruction and are looking to now cover their ass from the biggest folly in the history of the world.

The purpose of social distancing and why we can’t plan for sporting events, and all this nonsense about wearing face masks in public even though there isn’t a doctor in the entire world who can point to scientific proof that any of it does any good to protect anybody from Covid-19 spreading is because the virus we are dealing with was not a cell structure virus that attacks our immune systems, the viral outbreak was psychological with an intent to destroy the immune system at the sociological level. The attack was meant to attack all politicians and their need to protect their constituents with a perceived safety just as the HIV virus tricks immune systems from attacking them upon introduction into a human body. This virus spread because people tend to trust doctors and politicians as elected leaders and both were joining forces under a rebellious president in Trump to tell us that shutting down our economy was the way to fight this thing with our American flags flying in the wind. Many of us were tricked and the virus of thought spread through our society and has presented us now with an economy that is on life support living only off printed money and borrowed time.

That’s how we got here, but here’s the current problem, all these politicians have to admit that what they did was wrong and that they were suckered with the whole Covid-19 response, if we really want to cure ourselves from this Marxist attack through viral pressure, we have to admit how the trick occurred. But what they are doing and are forced to do by this Marxist strategy is to play along and validate the efforts since they are all now personally responsible for so much destruction to our economy. The vast unemployment, and the torrential debt is well beyond their scope of dealing with it, and the only way they see out is to play along with the stupid social distancing voodoo science and encourage people to wear masks in public. If they suddenly say, well, everyone can go back to work, go back to their sports, restaurants and bars—schools, everything—false alarm, then the blame for everything will fall squarly on them and they’ll lose future elections, and likely be sued for the rest of their lives. At a minimum the courts are going to be stacked against them constitutionally for many decades to come. It’s a nasty problem and their only way out is to convince the people that it was all worth while by following through with the nonsense.

By social distancing and wearing the stupid masks you are protecting the dumb people who were tricked by this social virus of Marxism into the spread which is currently destroying the entire world. They were tricked into letting this viral outbreak of sociology in, and the damage is so great none of them can withstand the scrutiny once people have to face the facts, that the virus was never Covid-19 that was so deadly, it was the ideas of Marxism that were sold under that mask, just like any deadly virus tricks immune systems into destroying themselves to allow a new host to flourish. It’s not such a far-reaching conspiracy once you understand the players. Every member of the medical profession will admit that their biggest stress in life is funding. Well, Dr. Fauci and the lunatic Amy Acton of Ohio used Covid-19 to become heroes in their circles of influence to solve that very problem. As government employees, its no skin off their back and now at dinner parties, they will be the celebration of the medical community for the rest of their lives for bringing funding to everyone in their wake. But don’t think for a second that the communists of the World Health Organization working with China didn’t get the idea for all this by studying how viruses break into healthy bodies and take over. They certainly did, and they applied it not medically, but sociologically. A virus of biology isn’t any different from a virus of thought, and people don’t typically define ideas that way, so the perils are invisible to them. But the results are the same.

Each time you put on a face mask or adhere to the voodoo science of social distancing, you are playing into the massive failure of the stupid people who allowed that virus of Marxist thought to penetrate our society and ruin our lives. It is because of them that we went from a healthy society to a sick one and the cure from the World Health Organization and all these maniacs who are pushing the idea of the global citizen movement and mandatory vaccines are the ones who propose the cure to the problems they created. A sick patient is much more likely to listen to a doomsday scenario if they are cleaving for life, instead of being healthy—so the Marxists intentionally made us all sick by wrecking our economy to change our behavior. They tricked our politicians into playing along to avoid the egg that is on all their faces and they were able to get our academic doctors to play along because it solved their funding problem. Doctors don’t care if we have a capitalist society or a communist one. Most of them would probably lean to a communist one because they think it will keep them from hustling for funding all the time. And that is how we ended up here and why you can’t stand next to someone and why they make you feel as if you have to wear a mask everywhere. Its not that doing social distancing, lockdowns and masks help stop the spread of Covid-19, we have enough real science to indicate that it doesn’t help at all. But what it does do is keep us from marching on our capitals with pitch forks and guns to take our country back from these idiots who caused this mess. So long as we wear the masks and social distance, the politicians who were conned by these viruses of thought get a free pass because it tells us that we believe their story—Covid-19 was really dangerous and justified destroying our economy to save lives. But the truth is, it didn’t. It killed many more than it saved and allowed China to get revenge on the United States for electing Trump and hitting them with that trade deal that changed the world. And that’s why this virus outbreak is really World War III but instead of the casualties being hit with gunfire to die or recover in the hospitals, it was a virus of thinking that convinced us to turn against ourselves and destroy our society, just like the HIV virus takes over a human host. But the virus wasn’t Covid-19, it was Marxism.

Rich Hoffman

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The Masks of Communism: Understanding why central authorities want us to all be equally ugly

So by now dear reader you know that the World Health Organization is filled with Marxist revolutionaries, such as their leader Tedros Adhnom. It shouldn’t be any surprise then that they had such a close alliance with China—which many modern people don’t think of as being totalitarian communist, but they are and have been. I have spent many hundreds of thousands of words explaining that to everybody back when it wasn’t “cool,” to talk about. Tedros, is essentially the Fidel Castro of the modern age, instead of wearing around the military uniform to show his dominance over the population he conquered by force to overthrow the Cuban government to bring in a communist regime, he wears a suit and works at the head of the World Health Organization hoping to spread communism around the world disguised through United Nations policies hidden behind health concerns. So also you should know by now that just about everything they are saying, and have been through the World Health Organization and all organizations that spawn off them, is not for your health and safety, but for the perpetuation of communism flowing out of China to the rest of the world quiet maliciously. And that evidence was never more clear than in the push to wear masks in public.

There has been quite and aggressive push in the United States as a reaction to the coronavirus to force people to wear masks if they go outside and interact with the public. I have had the many opportunities to travel the world and in Asia as many know, many people wear masks in public even when there isn’t a pandemic. While this might look health conscious and be considered proper PPE for average, everyday citizens, what it really represents are compliant personalities who have soaked up the propaganda of communism and how individual lives must consider the lives of others even before leaving the house. The World Health Organization has been up to this communist propaganda for a long time because their aim is and continues to be well into the future, the sustaining of life on earth from the perspective of current day geology. They view people as a nuisance on earth, and to save our planet, there needs to either be less people on it, or the people need to be centrally controlled through communism by central planners who will look out for the earth first. Those tend to be the type of people in other countries, especially Asia who listen to the nonsense of the World Health Organization and have allowed for communist ideas to migrate into their lives.

The idea that American culture would start wearing masks out in public is quite an insult, and those who do are obviously those who are prone to the cautions of the political left who want to believe that big brother government knows best and can offer protection to the timid minds of the participants. Rather, from the Marxist perspective, wearing masks to control virus spreading has nothing to do with safety, but everything to do with psychology. After all, what makes people more equal than to all be equally ugly. Forget dressing up with that nice attire to impress people in public with good looks to match and expensive cologne. There is nothing like smelling your own spit with a mask across your face to hide your nice features while a rubber band is draped irritatingly over your ears to pull at them every time you turn your head. Oh, but its for other’s safety that you do such a dumb thing. However, what they don’t tell you is that you are being trained to think not just of others, but to ignore your own comforts in sacrifice to a greater good that is defined by central planners in government who will then tell you that we must do this and that to save the earth from our human footprints. So once you accept wearing a mask in public to save others from you, then you will also accept that you must do what central planners propose to save whatever else they deem important.

I shouldn’t be surprised, I was thinking the other day how many times I have been correct about very jaw dropping revelations well before the rest of society accepted them, such as knowing that James Comey was a lying con-man very early in the process of the Trump investigations as the political left were trying to push him out of office with conspiracy. CNN asked me, and I still have the video up in a few places, “do you think that James Comey lied” while on television with a group of Trump supporters. I indicated that I did, which at the time seemed like a crazy conspiracy. We were all trained from babies to trust the FBI, how could I think such a thing many wondered. Well, when it came to this China Virus, Covid-19 I was absolutely the first to say what a massive conspiracy it was to advance communist ideas out of China and it was done completely on purpose. The World Health Organization and the American CDC already had airtime purchased in the media to advance their strategies. Even digital roadside signs were telling us everywhere we went just like out of some dystopian novel, “we’re all in this together.” By the time governors in America were shutting down the economy in the United States, just as the world had reacted, the World Health Organization was banging champagne glasses together celebrating a successful military attack on western culture financially before anybody knew what was going on. They took advantage of our trust in “experts” to exploit that trust for military gain of communism over capitalism and they had struck a victory that impacted nearly every American and European to follow their orders to the letter and not even question their motives. And to make matters even better, they were starting to wear those stupid masks in public just as Asian countries had been doing for years.

I’m not here to tell you “I told you so,” even going back to the many warnings I have provided about public education because in many ways, they have set up this communist push through their curriculum for decades. The trust people have in corrupt communist doctors doing the bidding of the World Health Organization directly for China military intentions started in our public schools. People trust experts and they learned to from their experiences in public schools. If experts tell them to wear the stupid masks so that everyone is “equally” ugly and disgusting, then they’ll do it because they have been trained not to question authority and to do as they were told so that they get that good little grade on their paper. Perhaps if they rat out their neighbors to the central authorities, they might get a lollipop, or a nice pat on the head. I emphasize all the times I have been right in the past not because I want a cable show like Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh, but because I want to see people free to live their lives and appreciate what capitalism can do for society. I do these articles for free because I want society to prosper. And I want you to know dear reader that the push to wear masks is just another scam meant to change your behavior for communist plots that have been out there for a long time. There is nothing new about them, but they are now out into the mainstream in American culture and communists are making their move against us without gunfire this time, but with ideas communicated through trusted doctors and medical professionals disguised as being for our own good, when the reality is far from that.

Rich Hoffman

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We Should Have Fought Harder to Defend our Way of Life over Covid-19: Social distancing and staying home were wrong

Let’s get some things straight, scientifically speaking the whole “social distancing” thing was created by global minds to impose on the citizens of the world the concept that they all can be controlled by the state and monitored by tech companies into compliance. As far as saving lives with social distancing it was always a Dumbo’s feather at best.

The real worry by scientists who advocated the strategy was to not overburden the health care system because their inaccurate modeling showed a risk. In reality, which we’ll never know because they artificially tampered with the way humans fight viruses, that our health care system, at least in America, would have handled all the hospital needs the coronavirus demanded, and then some.

The slowing the spread strategy served nothing more than benefiting politicians who wanted this news story to go on for much too long, and a media culture that wants global socialism by taking away the free movement of people to make a point about manmade climate change. There was no science saying that social distancing would work, or that interfering with natural herd immunity would manage the virus. Instead it was the radicalized United Nations branch of micromanagement called the World Health Organization that imposed itself on the world to shut down the world economy for purely political strategic reasons and they sold the effort to us with social distancing so that they could involve every person on planet earth in the effort to “stay home to save lives.” It was for all practical purposes an attack of politics and never about saving lives, and for participating, we have all been suckered into their schemes.

America should have never played along with what they were doing in France, Italy, England, or Asia. As Americans we have a free way of life defined by very individualistic constitutional parameters. The economy or our participation in it should never be disrupted, even to save lives. Anybody who says otherwise is an enemy of America and here’s why—during every war that was ever fought where we sent troops to their deaths to charge a hill, or defend a military position we say that those deaths were worth the cost because they died protecting our way of life. That means the freedom of the Constitution to function, so we have well defined in the past that preserving our way of life was something worth dying for. That means the right to go to a baseball game, the ability to buy milk at 2 AM in the morning, or to drive to California on a whim in the middle of a work week just to go see the ocean. The concept of giving all that up to lock ourselves in our homes to “save lives” was an entirely invented concept by the enemies of bordered countries for the objectives of the progressive “communist” global movement that we see emerging in America under the Democrat party but played out on the world stage this time by the World Health Organization. We were tricked into playing their global game but in reality, we should have called their bluff from the beginning and stood by our premise that a few lives lost here and there was more than worth it to preserve our way of life. Of course nobody wants to see anybody die, but what good is life if we are all stuck in our homes with destroyed economies waiting for a bunch of nanny state micromanaging politicians who don’t have a clue about much in life to tell us it’s safe to leave and return to a job and our way of life?

I was very concerned about President Trump’s trend toward nationalism and authoritarian output but he signaled people like me right out of the gate by also standing firmly behind the Second Amendment at the outset. Essentially if things got too crazy, he showed he was willing to put the ultimate power into the hands of the people and that was important. Honestly, the lesson we have all learned here was that the American presidency during Trump’s first term was never truly ours, it had been corrupted by many global influences reflected clearly by our current media culture and we needed a person like the President to take it back from them without gunfire needed. In some ways it has been worth all the countless lives ruined by the government mandated shutdowns and the personal price we have all suffered as a result just to get some high level politician to turn the table on the World Health Organization and put the burden for their hidden actions back on them with a costly smackdown. Watching Trump so far this week of April 13th 2020 it is good to see him behave as a classic CEO as opposed to a washed out politician that doesn’t understand the forces at work. When people wonder why the leadership at the top of an organization, or what a CEO does that gets paid so much more money, we can see in President Trump the difference, the ability to play many angles for an ultimate resolution that is good for the country or a company that makes them successful. Trump has very cleverly turned the entire coronavirus pandemic into a Republican platform by making it all about border security and uniting the state governors under a common objective during an election year. That fight always needed to happen, and now it has, and the guilty parties have a lot of embarrassment to deal with, they have been exposed. This event brought them out, Trump clearly outplayed them.

But the cost of the whole effort is far greater than the lives lost to the people who did find the Covid-19 virus too much to handle on their own. Some people did die, I think at this point we all could tell some version of a personal story. But the costs don’t stop at death, many had their very lives destroyed in other ways, through unemployment, through severe violations of Constitutional liberties in a country swinging too dangerously close to becoming a complete socialist state. If before this Covid-19 I was skeptical about the competency of government I am now convinced that no government could ever get it right, not even one run by Trump. He got pulled into this mess like the rest of us, by hostile foreign powers that attacked the world all at one time with the worst weapon in the world, “pure emotion,” and the results were devastating, more destructive than any world war anybody has ever seen. Lucky for us we had Trump in office when this happened. He has played along to get control over it, but the next time we may not have such a chance and you can bet there will be a next time. And when it does happen, we have a lot of decisions to make based on the realization that governments are not capable of running our lives. They are there to help us have a civil society, not to instruct us on the ways to be one. At best they are incompetent, and slow. We should never have given them an inch. If we had death, we should have gone to the funerals and said nice things about the victims. But by staying in our homes and hiding while the World Health Organization tried to utterly destroy the world to save it from their perception of manmade climate change, we destroyed many more lives in some ways much worse. And we can never let that happen again. We should have fought to preserve our way of life more than we did, because what’s the point of living if we don’t stand for something, otherwise, what is the meaning of life but to believe in something and to stand to defend it which we didn’t do with Covid-19.

Rich Hoffman

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The Poker Game of Coronavirus: Its all about winning the pot of Global Warming awareness sponsored by Bill Gates–Trump can’t fold

Before we start with this, keep in mind, I have no desire in the world to be politically correct. It’s a waste of time and not a true reflection of the human condition, which actually says a lot about how Coronavirus as a scam has been utilized against us all in such a short period of time. Those who are playing by these new rules of social conduct are the first ones to run for cover when the authority figures of our times tell us to, and it is they who are lost as to what’s really happening with Coronavirus. To understand that, I would offer that people have a good understanding of the great American game of Texas Hold ‘Em Poker. And I’m not talking about the games that are broadcast on television, which are great, but not the true essence of the game. I’m talking about the kind of game where the decks feature topless women on the backs of the cards and cigar smoke is fogging out the player across the table where the participants are betting mortgages on their homes. And the cocktail waitresses are serving hard drinks in thin lingerie. Forget about global sentiments about equality, transgender rights and 6’ foot social distancing. To understand the game, you must understand the art of bluffing and to see it through all those visual stimuli and pressure to know how to play the cards you have.

The included clip featuring Bill Gates on CNN’s Anderson Cooper show is the bluff I’m talking about and I’d advise you dear reader to watch it fully before reading any further, and I’ll tell you what kind of game is being played here. Take note that what Bill Gates is saying is almost precisely what Amy Acton from Ohio has been saying, and many health directors across America like her. They are getting their information from a single, global source which has been heavily influenced by Gates and thus, they are setting policy based on information he has been providing for many years, most aggressively since around 2015 as he really started ratcheting up his campaign on viral attacks being the next great threat to the world. Now, if we are all playing poker, and I know what my cards are—and they are good—I’ve seen the three flop cards on the table and watched how all the players at the table bet their chips, who’s raising the stakes, who is already folding. Now we’ve seen the Turn, the fourth card and witnessed all the behaviors, watched the facial expressions, counted the delay in reacting to the circumstances by the other players. Then of course once the global models for projecting Coronavirus deaths had to be reduced in London recently we can see what comes up on the River card and we can see by everyone’s reaction and our own hand that we have a 99.9999999999999999999999% chance of winning this hand—yet the other players are bluffing and this is why.

Bill Gates has one great passion in life after his personal genius made him one of the richest people in the world as head of the Microsoft Company and that is global warming, or rather educating people about his interpretation of it. In the great poker game in that smoke-filled room with those pornographic cards and cigar smoke, that’s what he wants in that pot in front of the dealer. But he doesn’t have the cards to win it, we do. So for him to win the pot, he has to make us think he can beat us which will be hard to do because we have a straight flush. Not the top winning hand, but pretty close—and we know it. Yet Bill Gates is a trusted name, most of us use products from the company he created, so when he presents us with a bluff, we are inclined to listen. Yet, he doesn’t have the cards so we can rest assured that we have all the leverage in the game.

To sell his bluff, Gates must convince us that the Coronavirus testing and spread are important factors of consideration, not the actual death rate now that everyone knows that it will be around .2%–nothing more than a common flu. For Gates he needs to make us think that stopping the spread of the virus to prevent an overrun on the hospitals and that we must keep America shut down to keep it from spreading is the key thing to measure. What Gates isn’t saying is that the rest of the world doesn’t have the hospital capacity that we do in America yet they have been the ones setting the policy of containment forcing us to copy them through guidelines flowed down through the World Health Organization. Of course, it was Bill Gates himself who helped shape those guidelines well before this Coronavirus ever hit the stage. Then from there the CDC in America was an extension of those same guidelines which was passed down directly to the state health directors advising all the governors. Mysteriously there was lots of ad time purchased on the internet and on television to promote the work of the CDC, so budgets for this crisis were already in place based on the pre-determined game plan.
Yet what is the real issue for Gates was to tie this containment effort for a viral outbreak to his love of global climate change—reducing the human imprint on the earth by slowing down all economic movement and keeping people off the roads and in their homes. The Coronavirus as we know by the River card is nothing more deadly than an average virus, but before anybody could figure that out Gates had to sell to everyone from the WHO to the CDC that the name of the game was controlling the spread due to a lack of hospital capacity that was based on a global problem, not a problem within the United States. We have never had real shortages with similar outbreaks, but we were being bluffed into believing that this one was different. Yet it wasn’t.

What the Trump administration has to do is call that bluff, push all the chips into the middle and crush Gates’ hopes of using this Coronavirus to advance his climate science agenda which is a far left platform based on the same faulty science that built the modeling for the death rate of this latest pandemic. Keep in mind it was when the WHO declared Coronavirus a pandemic that everyone freaked out and these lockdown strategies started getting blown out of proportion. So far Gates and his climate activists have bluffed their way to the River card, but they don’t have the cards to win. So Trump has to crush his hopes and send a signal that knocks Bill Gates and the rest of the radicals off their feet forever, otherwise we will have pandemics several times a year and an economy that can never get back on its feet again, which is exactly what the climate activists want from this Coronavirus. Bill Gates is one of the top advocates in the world for this subject and you can see clearly that everyone in the science community has been listening to him. Amy Acton in Ohio has been repeating him almost verbatim. So, knowing all that, as we place our bets on reopening the economy, don’t fold. And certainly, don’t put America through this whole thing again. The climate activists are playing the only cards they have, and they don’t have enough to win the pot—and this is as close as they’ll be able to get for a long time. So go all in and crush them so it would take them years, or even lifetimes to recover, because we are playing that kind of game. The smoke is thick, the optics seductive, but the game is the game and you have to know the odds.

Rich Hoffman

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Why This China Virus: The cause behind the panic—-its all about marketing more funding

I am proud to say I was one of the first in the country to call bullshit on the China Virus outbreak, well before weak kneed politicians started shutting down the American economy based on alarmist CDC employees over-hyping their field of endeavor in the same way that school teachers and other public employees do all the time, especially when they are looking for money. In this case, no matter which conspiracy we may entertain on political motives and global conflict after trade disputes, the World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control did have an agenda and that was quite clear on the Netflix documentary that came out at the end of January and is directly related to the uniqueness of this particular Covid-19 “pandemic.” After my research into the matter I would point to two things that made this Coronavirus different from other pandemics and why we have shut down our economies around the world this time as opposed to in times past. The reason will piss you off dear reader, but maybe it should. We are the idiots who put our hands in the woodchipper to scratch an itch then wondered why the thing cut off our arms then drug in the rest of our bodies killing us. Its important to understand the hows and whys and as usual everyone has good intentions. However, as I always say, the path to Hell is paved with good intentions and lets face it, for the last several weeks, we have all been needlessly living in Hell and we have a good reason to be angry about it. But to understand the start of this story, you should watch two things, the video below which is an undercover story from 60 Minutes exploring the kind of Chinese wet markets where all these viruses start each year, then the Netflix series, “Pandemic” that was recently released and helped start the chain reaction of neurotic behavior that has essentially paralyzed our nation.

Basically, what started this mess was activists within the World Health Organization, some covering for China as part of their communist propaganda arm, and others who wanted to bring attention to the danger of the “wet markets” there. I understand and sympathize with the desire to halt the animal cruelty in China—bringing in poor animals from all over the world to be sold and eaten in raw form on those city streets from the thousands of “wet markets” all across China. For context, imagine a flea market only instead of yard sale junk, its animals that are sold for food and they are kept in angry cages filled with disease and despair. There are good people in the WHO who want to put an end to this behavior and I don’t blame them. But for them, they did resort to a kind of terrorism to change people’s behavior and you can bet they wanted to get the world’s attention which was behind their decision to make a big deal out of this Covid-19 as opposed to other viruses in the past. Of course, Bill Gates had his hand in this activism which is likely why he resigned from the Microsoft Board last week, things were getting a little hot and I don’t think any of these people meant to cause such a panic. Which of course is exactly what happened.

The other thing was the was the planned release of the Netflix series called Pandemic, which was released on January 22nd of 2020. Its production of course went well back into 2018 so this concept of preventive measures, of preparing for some mass viral attack has been brewing for a while. But if you watch the series you will see and hear a lot of the kind of radicalism that we have seen shut down our economy across the world since Netflix is easily downloaded in every home. The timing can’t be ignored. That was the vehicle that allowed this virus to step over the media and go straight to the consumer to directly feed the panic over the WHO announcing that the Covid-19 outbreak was a pandemic. When people wanted to know what a pandemic was, there was the show on Netflix to scare the hell out of everyone and start the chain reaction of panic that we have seen this time. If you step into the mind of the average health care worker and WHO activists they will likely say they were happy people overacted to this virus because the next one might really be dangerous and they are happy to bring awareness to people because they have been trying for decades to get attention on these important matters. The terrorism that costs everyone trillions of dollars is after all only money—by their rationalization—they only care to save lives which is the same excuse that politicians like Mike DeWine have used to justify their behavior. Like I said about the path to Hell, the paved road is covered with golden intentions, but ultimately it was terrorism.

At the heart of both cases, from the intentions of the filmmakers of Pandemic and the radicals at the WHO they want funding for their universal vaccine which was the point of the documentary. The World Health Organization officials had been trying for a very long time to get the world to do something about the terrible treatment of animals and source of so much disease in the wet markets and they have been successful now. I doubt they will apologize because they think they were right to cause all this mass panic to get their point across. Like all terrorists they think the end justifies the means and depending on your point of view, they could be heroes or villains. I can say that I don’t support the wet markets of China. I think the suppliers should be crushed with the same voracity as sex industry traffickers. But nobody has a right to shut down the American economy by playing on the fears and stupidity of politicians into overreacting the way they have, and exercising state controls to trample all over individual rights. Other places in the world do not have the kind of rights that we do in America, yet we have surrendered them all in the same way as the rest of the world has, and that has been a terrible thing. WHO radicals will say they are happy they got the Americans attention and they are delighted that they have managed to alter our lives for the “common good,” as defined by them of course.

Without question if we were to take Amy Acton, the health activist from Ohio out to Bob Evans for breakfast and get her to talk, she is one of these WHO people who want to shock people into preparation for the next possible outbreak. She would likely tell us that she’d rather save lives than lose them to under preparedness and that she was happy to find in Mike DeWine a gullible Christian governor who could align with her concerns to save such lives even if the alarm was overblown. As a radical she managed to get the issue on the table for people to talk about and from her perspective its all been very successful. This whole incident reminds me of when CNN produced that documentary against Sea World called Black Fish. Not many people watched it, but influencers did and from there policy was set and it ended up killing the Sea World stock almost destroying them as a company.

Activists at the WHO took notice and they produced the Netflix show Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak with the same kind of action in mind, to attack the economies of the world and get people to pay attention to things they think are important at the expense of everything else. So, for those of you out there who want to know why this virus blew out of proportion and how we all came to this radical form of prevention all around the world at the same time, now you know. It wasn’t some master plan from the smart minds of the governments around the world, it essentially came from a Netflix documentary from a bunch of scientists looking for funding and a few rebels at the WHO that want to shut down the wet markets in China. And for all that, this is why things are the way they are today, with no end in sight. Once politicians got a taste of that intoxicating emergency power, it will be hard to take it away from them.

Rich Hoffman

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