Secretly, Mitch McConnell Want’s to Lose the Senate to Democrats: There’s more to Moore’s accusers than just “girl power” complaints

OK, it’s officially overboard, and since nobody else will say it, I will.  We can’t allow ourselves to become such a panty waste culture driven by the indecisions of some women and their confusing whims of speculation, by constantly complaining and expect everything to turn out well.  Now that we’ve become so progressive and empowered them, you see the problem?  They are using their “girl power” to bitch about everything and to kill us all with their mixed messages.  But to accuse former president Bush who was 79 years old at the time of groping her ass at 16 years old, the latest victim of unwanted sexual advances by powerful men in an ever-increasing man hating society is Roslyn Corrigan.  The event supposedly took place way back in 2003 during a photo opportunity, but this girl and her mother just now decided to jump on the band wagon and capitalize off the event to get their 15 minutes of fame, which for a lot of these girls, that’s all they are after.  I seriously doubt old man Bush was thinking of throwing Miss Corrigan on a nearby table and going to town on her planting his seeds of manhood for the fulfillment of sustaining his family line.  I think this chick has watched too many episodes of Game of Thrones. 

Likely Bush meant to grab her waist to pull her in for the shot but accidentally grabbed her ass misjudging the distance.  It happens all the time in elevators and other tightly packed areas where humans congregate.  Knowing that, I am surprised that members of congress have been so willing to condemn Roy Moore who is running for a senate seat in Alabama after a series of women just like Roslyn Corrigan lined up, in October of all times, 40 years after the fact, and accused the Republican politician of inappropriately touching them?  They should all know better.  We can’t set a criteria like this.  Women do use sex as a weapon—and they are no better than men in their climbs for power.  Men are more literal, women are more emotional—but both have burning obsessions for power and if we allow every little thing to advance women who are craving attention—and thus power—to capture our minds the way this Moore case has, then a lot of people are in a lot of trouble—just as the 90 something year old George Bush is now.

I had almost the same thing happen to me recently that happened to President Bush, only the woman was about 900 years old and her ass was so big that I’d have to go five miles out of my way to avoid touching it.  But I always try to be polite and nice, especially to women and the way she looked at me after showed that she was starving for the contact which she may have done completely on purpose.  It certainly wasn’t on purpose on my end.  But that scenario sounds just like the recollection of Roslyn Corrigan.  These accusers of Roy Moore from 40 years ago is just ridiculous.  Are we really going to allow every woman who attempts to seduce a man but ends up losing to some other woman the ability to drudge up things a half a century later to affect the lives of the man?  I mean Harrison Ford was screwing Carry Fisher on the set of Star Wars when he was in his 30s and she was only 19—and our society accepted that as perfectly fine.  Once a girl starts having her period, biologically we all agree that she is loaded with the most dangerous weapon in the world, the ability to grant sex and to use it to get what she wants when she wants it.  That is how we are all wired as human beings, men and women.  I think Roy Moore by the way he’s defending himself probably had thoughts about those young girls at the time, but so what.  In the evangelical community especially, there are a lot of born again Christians who used to drink too much and have too much sex who use the church as a new beginning, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see that as Moore moved into his 40s, that he had some of that born again quality.  The guy has more than rectified anything in is most recent career to satisfy any desire to touch young women appropriately by biological predilection.  Anything he might have done wrong is only forbidden in modern political context.  It’s like outlawing R rated movies 40 years from now then putting people in jail because they watched one before they were outlawed.

The truth of the matter is worse than the accusation in this case of Moore, because many members of the Republican Party have shown entirely too much eagerness to throw the Alabama politician under the bus so they can have something even greater for them—an excuse.   These politicians like Mitch McConnell and Senator McCain want Roy Moore to lose the Alabama senate seat so the Democrats can take it because they want to lose their majority.  They want the Democrats to win so they can go back to the excuse of inaction as a body of politics.  They want the pain to stop, the expectation that Trump has in performance to go away so they can go back to the way things were, and these accusers of Moore from 40 years ago is their ticket to the good ol’ days.  So being the short-sighted idiots that they are they are giving voice to these accusers knowing that any of them could also be accused of the very same thing.  Yet they think that if they throw somebody else as a sacrifice to these goddesses of modern-day sexual interpretations, then perhaps they will be spared the scrutiny.

It was a year ago when Donald Trump went through the very same thing.  If Roy Moore sticks to what made him so popular to begin with, he’ll come out fine in this election.  The same politicians came out against Trump only back then nobody really thought he’d survive.  I remember how tough it was the weekend of the Access Hollywood tape.  I stood with Trump that Saturday morning and was one of the very first people to call bullshit on the story—and that’s what is going on with Moore now.  What he did with some young women who were doing their own kind of fishing with a young powerful person is irrelevant to what the 70-year-old man brings to the table now.  None of it matters except in feeding this ridiculous “girl power” machine that is on the rise everywhere these days hating men and thinking they will retain power based on the power of complaint.  Women are going to find that men will paint them out of their lives like just about every man does over 40 when sex is no longer a priority for them and they build a man cave in homes to get away from the constant bitching of their wives.  If a guy can’t cup the ass of some chick that is mutually looking to use her body to advance her career, there is no incentive for men to participate in anything women have to offer—because that is a basic interaction between the sexes.  The progressive fantasy is that men and women will sit down and speak to one another about what’s on their minds and treat each other civilly.  But the truth is men talk about banging women and women talk about manipulating men, and until that changes, the sex games will always rule the human species.  On the current political trajectory women will be left with all the power in the world but no one to share it with.  Then they’ll start bitching because nobody wants to deal with them.   All women are doing successfully with all this bitching is making America like almost every house on Thanksgiving Day where the men sit in the living room watching football while the women cook in the kitchen complaining that all the men want to do is watch TV.  Women can take over every senate seat, every house seat, they can even be president.  Taking away the game of the sexes won’t make a better world, it will simply give women one more thing to complain about as they apply their makeup and cover themselves in perfume to get men to look at them only to complain later that nobody is interested.   When the game of the sexes gets too hard and its more of a pain in the ass to deal with women who play too many games with sex, most men including the most powerful in the world will buckle to retreat to their man caves where everything makes much more sense.

Knowing all that the establishment Republicans who have so easily come out against Roy Moore should be ashamed of themselves.  By speaking against Moore they are feeding this progressive girl power movement with more logs on the fire which will eventually burn them too, just as it has former president Bush of all people.  And they were willing to do it for the simple desire to retreat back to how things were.  They want the Democrats to take over the Senate so that they can safely hide in the shadows letting Chuck Schumer fight Trump’s agenda getting the Republicans off the hook of expectation.  That’s why they have come out against Roy Moore.  They don’t care about the women, they are afraid of the social expectations that modern politics is applying to them—and they want out.  If Roy Moore is defeated, then it will only take a few more seats lost to give up the majority which is precisely what Mitch McConnell wants.  He doesn’t want to be the majority leader any more.   He just wants to protect the swamp, and instead of having the courage to say it himself, he is hiding behind a bunch of old ladies who are complaining about something that happened 40 years ago—and he’s dumb enough to think that will work out well for him and all the other men involved going forward.

For women it’s the oldest trick in the book and every married couple knows how it works. In an argument between men and women the woman brings up something from the past which the man feels guilty about to disarm him and win the fight.  Most of the time the woman gets her way as the man buckles under the guilt.  Ultimately what causes the man to buckle is his fear that he won’t get sex from the woman until they rectify their argument?  So the man being the short-sighted biological entity compelled to make the same mistakes over and over again gives in to the wife and the wife advances herself in the family always keeping that card in her back pocket for use whenever she may want something again.   Over twenty to thirty years of this, and perhaps many wives latter once a man’s prostrate starts going and they are no longer interested in sex because all the attractive women are the ages of their daughters and the women around them are losing estrogen and starting to look and feel like other men—they just retreat to their televisions, their man caves, or into politics where they can get away from women and be around other men who understand.  And now women are even going into those places where men hide, and nothing good can come out of that relationship.  What happens when you paint an animal into a corner with nowhere to go?  They get pretty vicious.  Right now they are hiding behind Roy Moore, but once he’s out of the way, where will they go after that, after they’ve lost the senate, they’ve lost their man caves, and they’ve lost people like Moore and Trump to hide behind?  I predict a bad result—nothing good can come from it.

And for the record, even though Trump and his daughter have not backed Roy Moore–I stand with Roy Moore.  I think he’s a good judge and a good Christian.  I don’t care if he had an orgy with a bunch of girls in his car–that was a long time ago and his career has shown that he’s not that kind of person over a long period of time.  If he was a horny little bastard and those sins carried him to the house of religion for which he has functioned with great conviction, then I’m good with him and would be proud to vote for him in Alabama.  He’s a lot better person than most of those senators in Washington–and given these allegations, that’s saying a lot.

Rich Hoffman

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The Idiots Clapper and Brennan: Advice is only as good as those who give it–and my new hat

Trump is just saying the obvious, James Clapper and John Brennan are political hacks who made our American intelligence community into a bunch of fools for hire to take down political enemies of the progressive movement.  They worked for both parties; mostly Democrats and they have been defanged due to Donald Trump’s election.  But it wasn’t Trump who delegitimized the intelligence community.  It was they who did it to themselves several years before the 2016 election.   They were idiots, Keystone cops at best, fools who would be embarrassments in a kindergarten class.  Before Donald Trump ever came along I was ashamed of those two idiots, and John McCain, Mitch McConnell, Rob Portman, and a whole lot of other people in Washington D.C.  I lost my trust in the intelligence community many years ago and these losers only validated my suspicions.  They are the reason Trump was elected—for what they represented, so they are kidding themselves if they think anybody believes that their opinions have any merit.  Only slack-jawed losers would listen to them and grant them any credibility.  The way they did their jobs over their tenure under Obama’s administration could only be equaled by a dog shitting in a yard—then eating it.

E34898BE-BBB8-4F9A-A055-AA2BBBAEC394On the anniversary of Trump’s election this year I bought the nice white Inauguration hat shown here from the Trump Store.  I had been looking at it for a long time, all summer really, and after a year of Trump essentially being in office I had to reflect on how proud I was of him and my support of him so early.  It was only a few years ago that I watched testimony by James Clapper and found myself wondering if I was in the Twilight Zone.  The guy was an idiot, so very early in 2015 I put my support behind Donald Trump.  I always liked Trump; I loved his books, his television show and his general approach on life.  At first I thought he was a bit audacious and that he had been married too many times for my liking, but the more he talked, the more I wanted him to be president.  If Donald Trump was anything, he was a competent person.  People like James Clapper and John Brennan were not.

I thought they were crooked the moment I first saw them.  There was nothing “trustworthy” about them.  I didn’t want them running the CIA or any intelligence branch of my government.  I wouldn’t want them running a snow cone machine.  It is laughable that people like John McCain would think that there was anything of any merit to respect in the American intelligence agencies.  It is an insult on all Americans to even offer up such low-class fools to serve in any kind of spy agency, and trust that they wouldn’t turn that responsibility against us all in a moment’s notice.  The bottom line on the Russian story perpetuated by people like these two is that there is nothing there.  It was completely made up hoping to conceal the drain to the swamp that Trump promised to unplug.  And their unnatural anger toward Trump reveals their intentions.  They hate Trump because he’s good and sees through their silly attempts at concealment.

It is really scary looking back on it to think what might have happened if Trump hadn’t won.  I’d likely be in jail now, because I had made a decision not to sit on my hands and let the world be run by idiots like Clapper and Brennan.  John Brennan is the kind of guy who might have been a cafeteria monitor in high school who gets food thrown at him yet can’t figure out where it came from.  When I was in high school I threw food at a few John Brennan types every day, and I never got in trouble for it.  You know why dear reader?  Because they were too afraid to deal with me and so long as they didn’t know who was throwing food at them, they didn’t have to confront the truth.  Usually cafeteria monitors were teachers or assistant principals and were there to assert authority among the school kids.  But I figured out very early in life that the veil of authority was just a ruse to cover the fact that the employees were often afraid of reality and needed the cover of authority to mask their lack of social valor. So when I would throw my entire fruit salad at them, from only 15 feet away, they would never engage me—because to do so required responsibility, and that was the thing they were most afraid of in the world.  When they criticize Donald Trump’s presidency I see them look at him the way those cafeteria monitors looked at me.  They hate him because he’s so good, and that he does not fear them.  That leaves them to live their lives like the out-of-touch dad in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.  Lost, afraid, and stuck in adult bodies rotting away slowly day by day.

The real injustice is that these idiots actually got a pay check from us all for a job terribly done.  If after all we have paid them they can’t prosecute someone like Hillary Clinton and would insist on starting World War III with Russia just to cover their own ineptness, we should all be angry.  They didn’t deserve the money we paid them.  And why would a stout businessman like Trump listen to those two idiots, which McCain insists upon.  What would Clapper and Brennan possibly know that Trump doesn’t?  Advice is only as good as the people who give it, and Brennan and Clapper aren’t very good—so why should anybody listen to them?  That makes no sense.

As I look at my new hat I can’t help but feel a lot of pride that Trump not only made it to the presidency, but his Inauguration was one of my fondest memories.  It was one of my best memories of 2017, and may be one of the best of my life.  At the time I was just happy he was elected but looking back at how stupid people like Clapper and Brennan look in comparison it is astonishing that we survived as long as we did.  It’s not just those losers in the Intelligence community that made Donald Trump the president; there are a long line of people just like them to plant the seeds of rebellion over a long period of time.  Trump was just the solidifying force that pushed everything over the edge.  But accepting things they way they were just wasn’t an option.  If Donald Trump didn’t work out, I was prepared for armed conflict.  I wasn’t going to yield my life to a society ran by these idiots.  And they should have never thought it a possibility.  Every time they bring up the fake Russian story it makes me angrier, because their assumption is that we are all actually that stupid.  But then again, they can only see in us what they know about themselves.  They know they aren’t very smart, and if not for a government job, they’d be losers sleeping in the streets living aimless lives.  What they hate about Trump is that no matter what happens in life, Trump will always be a success, whereas they need their little government jobs to indicate that they are important people of the world, like the cafeteria monitors in high school.  What they hate is that we now know that their roles are just tokens, and hold no real power, or intelligence.  And that terrifies them most of all.

Rich Hoffman

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Women are the Carriers of a vast Evil called Liberalism: It may be politically incorrect, but behind the mask is the truth

I purposely spoke softly about liberalism in yesterday’s article because we all know them.  We know them at our Thanksgiving dinners, we know them as co-workers.  We know them as our favorite actors on television, motion pictures, and music.  We have no choice but to interact with them because they are so deeply embedded in our culture—they are metaphorically like the zombies from The Walking Dead—sick and beyond reason and in front of us dangerously every day to deal with.  I had to write that article to show that this little piece of writing isn’t from some radical right-winger beyond hope on an international stage of intolerance.  The political left usually labels such people as “Nazis” or “fascists” which is indicative of their actual state yet they often do not know the actual meanings of the words.  That’s because all liberals to some degree or another knowingly are guilty of a deliberate abandonment of reason and live their lives in a very emotional state.  That’s not to say that they are stupid, some do have high I.Qs and have the potential to be very smart.  But they are sick with liberalism and behind that is a commitment to death, destruction and everything negative that the human race represents.  Liberals are the antithesis of evil in our world and I’d go so far here today to say that they need to be destroyed as a political ideology before any of us can advance to the next stage of human development.  Before Elon Musk can put a settlement of people on Mars, or Donald Trump can Make America Great Again, we must deal with the problem of liberalism because it infects so many people that it is the primary cause of the current civil war that we are all engaged in—and until that war is won, advancement just isn’t possible.

Liberalism is such a vast sickness that most people have it to some degree, like an allergy or the common cold.  If left untreated, it utterly rots the brain and makes a person dangerous, because they can affect other people.  For instance, this is on display any time a person goes “clubbing” where dancing, and drinking are utilized to a mass effect.  The act of doing such a thing is undoubtedly liberal because the activity is clearly social, and reckless to the concept of individuality.  Anybody can dance in a room by themselves to music, but when you do it in such a public venue, you are there for the experience to do it with other people.  The music becomes the master of thought and individuals surrender to its beat in a collective manner.  In this way all dancers in a room become part of “group think” and the music becomes their master.  Therefore drinking becomes the accepted manner of accepting liberalism into the mind for an evening by drowning out thought and surrendering to the relief of “group think” mentality.   I say relief because under the condition of liberalism personal judgments are forgiven and actions can be accepted so long as individuals behave properly to the beat of peer pressure. We all feel the pressure of our individual lives and living against a constant tide that wears away at us in our jobs, our governments and our educations which then carries over into our life at home.  But when we go drinking and dancing we are relieved of these pressures for a time as we surrender to the “group think” of the club scene.

I use the dance club concept because it is one that most people can identify with.  People who don’t surrender to “group think” are often referred to as “stiffs.”  This insult is meant to penetrate the intellect of the individual who resists the pressures of “group think.”  The most common way that liberalism is sold to us is through sex, and obviously the females of our species.  Just like Aids is a typical homosexual disease transferred through reckless sex, once infected a carrier can contaminate many people even those who engage in traditional sexual practices.  Since women are the typical means of spreading Aids outside of homosexual circles where a married male may engage in sex with another contaminated male then have sex with his wife infecting her then from there it gets out into the mass population because she then carries it to other people through her interactions, not all of them sexual—the female becomes the host of destruction.  And that is the primary vehicle for which liberalism comes to the human race.  Women tend to be more compassionate and forgiving and through sex, they are the first entryway toward accepting “group think.”  For instance, in any middle school environment, it is the females who decide what is cool by the culture or not.  They are the bookends to the various classes of people who evolve in the public education environment.  If you want to date a popular girl for instance, you must do what she decides to get into that social category.  That means you must dress a certain way, play sports, and got to a great effort to maintain a number of friends which are also sharing in that experience.  Females are the glue that brings such people together for a common cause of “popular group think.”  The same holds true for the lower classes, it is the females who create the parameters of “group think” leaving all individuals to figure out which category they wish to invest themselves in.   We then take those habits into our adult lives which make us who we are and everything we become.

We all know someone who has joined an organization like Greenpeace or PETA so that they could date a girl. You don’t often find girls joining such organizations to meet boys.  It’s almost always the other way around.  The male being biologically predisposed toward molding their thoughts to the females around them have no problem surrendering their individual thoughts about a matter so that they can become potential mates to a female they have their eye on.  Males can date that female and convince themselves to care about environmental causes or the ethical treatment of animals if it gives them access to sex, then turn right around in their peer groups with other males and go hunting and fishing with no problem at all.  Therefore it is through females that the sickness of liberalism breeds and transfers from one person to another.  This is why it’s so important to liberals to put women into every institution of human endeavor because for their sickness to spread women must be the carriers.

Of course that is an incredibly politically incorrect thing to say—liberals have made it so.  It keeps the truth from the vast evil that is in the minds of every liberal from being exposed in the light of day because we can’t even have a conversation about it leaving the concept always very raw and unexplored.   This lets the evil of liberalism spread unmolested through our society providing cover for its erosion of thought with the justification of equality.  That is what makes liberalism so dangerous.  In so many ways Dinesh D’Souze did a great job of capturing the foot prints of liberalism in our society with his great book The Big Lie.  This isn’t some work of lunacy, it’s a modern examination of what liberalism truly is and you can buy the book anywhere, even at Costco.  While Dinesh D’Souze is a conservative he makes a good case why he thinks the way he does which serves as a baseline of logical human thought.  For instance in that book he covers the fact that Margret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood gave the Nazi regime the idea of euthanizing people.  Hitler and his minions didn’t come up with their idea to kill their Jewish population with mass extermination methods on their own; they got it from Planned Parenthood in the states as the Nazi were coming to power.  Sanger did what all liberals tend to do, and that is she used the notional of the female to penetrate our very thoughts of mass murder and to make it a “female right.”  Once Planned Parenthood’s abortion clinics established through our society as a “women’s right” it froze the males into accepting the concept or they would lose access to sex in those females.  So the males adopted the idea of mass murder as a means to not lose potential sex partners.   100 years later we generally accept abortion as a human right when in effect it is mass murder which inspired the Nazis to do it in a more direct fashion in their more male oriented structure.  What goes on in abortion clinics today is every bit as monstrous as the worst that we learned happened under the Nazis of Germany—but contextually, we are frozen from talking about it because our peer groups use liberalism to justify the murders under the guise of an individual right—which has a hidden appeal to us all.  Individual rights are the foundations of most of our motivations.   But in liberalism individual rights are always under attack, however are used as masks to advance the philosophy from concealment.

If a proper cause and corrective action is applied to any concept of liberalism, from “clubbing” to “abortion” we can trace the thinking back to an evil motive.  Evil uses liberalism to spread through human society.  The evidence does not support that conservatism is an equal contributor to such a preponderance of evil.  If a conservative is evil—they aren’t a real conservative.  Being conservative is a philosophical choice that supports individuality in all forms, which therefore supports values attributed to thinking.  Evil always involves the destruction of individuals for the greater good of “group think” which therefore holds us to the chains of the past where mankind struggled to light a fire or roll a rock across a field.   Evil does not want the human race to migrate into space or to drive an SUV to the shopping mall to buy $500 worth of cloths from Dillard’s so that individuals can look nice for that upcoming charity dinner.  Liberals prefer the young protester of SeaWorld and their torn cloths, their ears connected to the music of the moment through their iPhones and their minds seeking drugs, clubbing and sex to spread their agenda of “goodness” in protecting the Orca, or the rights of women to “choose.”  And that is precisely how we all get pulled into the vile evil that is liberalism–through accepting the people infected with it as a righteous participate in our Republic of thought in a culture of equals yielding toward sovereignty, when the reality is vile, despicable, and corrosive against everything it means to be human.

Rich Hoffman

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The Evil of Liberalism: They can’t live with us, and we can’t live with them

Once upon a time I lived in an apartment on the U.C. campus on the second floor.  Directly below was an extreme liberal who happened to be the director of a play, one of the most controversial in Cincinnati’s history that was running at the Taft Theater.  She was deeply connected to our local media, the U.C. campus and the politics of Cincinnati and using those connections she managed to slide through the many controversies and bring to life Equus for the extreme conservatives of the Queen City.  The play featured full nudity and sex on stage in front of everyone which I thought was weird at the time, I still do.  But living a floor up from the director I had an opportunity to speak to her about the whys and how’s and after learning more about her mind, I was even more disturbed.  She seemed like a nice person when you spoke to her and was even a little attractive for an older lady.  At the time I think she was in her 40s when I was in my 20s.  From the apartment windows next to my room I could see clearly down into her apartment through the reflection and she was constantly nude.  She seldom wore cloths which to a twenty year old seemed cool, but to the long view of my mind which lasts many lifetimes was pretty kooky.  I mean, as a species, we invented cloths for a reason—it’s nice to have a barrier against the elements of living.  But in her liberal view of the world, primal reflection was important so she thought there was merit in a native approach to life.  Therefore, her production of Equus in Cincinnati was more political than artistic and as nice as she was, she felt it was her right to attack the conservative sensibilities of her audience with art that insulted them—to wake them up and ignite in them an activism toward liberalism’s merits.  She was essentially using sex to sell the values of liberalism.

And talk about sexual harassment since we are going back as far as four decades and penalizing people for things so far back these days—as a young man, 19 to 25 I wanted to use my natural charisma and insight to ride my good looks into an acting/modeling career.  I had dated several models, my wife was a model and her sister was being groomed to be a model.  Being around attractive people a lot gave me a window into what goes on at photo shoots and modeling agencies.  I was just a little stunned when my photographer who was a lady doing my portfolios wanted me shirtless most of the time and she always wanted my pants unzipped.  I thought that was weird because if we were modeling pants for department stores why would they want to see them coming off?  Turns out this lady had the hots for me and how she wanted to photograph me had nothing to do with production photos, and more to do with her personal fantasies.   Looking back on it I could easily say she was sexually harassing me, but I would never think to do so.  I’m certainly no victim, and I never have been.  I thought it was kind of funny and I went about my business.  But I can easily see how wires get crossed in these things and I can promise from personal experience that most people who end up as models go through some of that.  My wife hated it and the moment she could get out of modeling, she did.  She always thought the people in that industry were creepy and thus, we ended up doing almost nothing with our lives that involved the entertainment industry.  I went on to write and do other kinds of work in entertainment on and off for the next twenty years, but my wife’s first instincts as a young attractive woman was correct.  The people in entertainment that were overwhelmingly liberal had this desperate attraction to primitive behavior and they really couldn’t keep their cloths on or the cloths of the people they are working for.  My wife’s sister went further with modeling than my wife did and actually ended up being considered for the New York scene, but she was not comfortable with nudity and that put the clamps on her career.  Because after all, producers, directors and modeling agencies figured that if this girl won’t show the goods, there are 1000 outside their doors who will—so they have no patience for such young women who won’t even show their tits.  Would Emilia Clarke have the opportunities she is having today if she didn’t get naked and have sex on-screen in the Game of Thrones?  Not a chance.  She’s a great talent, but she had to play the game.  That’s why she’s where she is today, not because she’s a great actress.  She had to feed the machine of liberalism to advance her career.

There are many other stories I could tell, but in reflection regarding the news of our day and whether or not we can live in a America where liberals have an equal say in our democratic process, as a way to manage the Republic for which we stand, one nation under God, indivisible—and all that– I am quite certain that we can’t.  For most of my life until about ten years ago I dealt with liberals often, and I was able to do so and not compromise my own very conservative beliefs.  I was a live and let live guy for sure.  I didn’t feel a need to convert a liberal to a conservative and if they were a little flaky I found some common ground to deal with them, which I still do.  One on one, I am very accommodating to people who don’t think the same way as I do.  But when I write, that is a much more private thing and I do so to share my ideas with people essentially because I want to help them become better.  If I can take my experiences and observations and make people around me better, I am willing to do it.

More though I have the feeling that liberalism is just evil—it is born out of evil and it works for evil needs only.  There is no place for it among a free people—because liberalism isn’t free. The intentions of liberals is to use the natural desires of our physical bodies to exploit our weaknesses and seduce us into a collective unification for an ultimate destination of evil action—whether its political support for mass killing, like abortion, or destroying evidence and manipulating the American intelligence agencies to give Hillary Clinton a free pass to keep her out of jail even though she committed acts of extreme abandonment of conscious righteousness.   Liberalism in every form allows for the furtherance of evil in our world and there is no way to avoid that conclusion.  Liberalism attaches itself to the weak and strives to make them equal in the world not by building them up, but by tearing down the world around them to the levels of their vile discontent.

Hollywood is throwing itself under the bus right now hoping to reset their reputation and throw people off the real trail—the far worse things that go on to people who want to be in movies or on the pages of a magazine.  And by casting such a wide net they hope to derail the world of politics such as in the case of Roy Moore who supposedly 40 years ago allegedly touched a girl who was 14.  The guy is 70 years old now—who the hell cares?  Those kinds of thoughts have long left the mind of an elderly man, and that makes them much more trustworthy.  There is no rectification with liberalism; there is no low that they will endure which is too much.  They are against virtually everything that is productive about human thinking and they represent a vile evil which is seductive and aims to destroy our virtue at every opportunity.

In my cases with the women I spoke about, especially the photographer I have always been ultra confident.  They may have had ideas but my raw conservatism was a big turn off to them which is why things never went further than what I’ve described.   In conversations with that play director I never thought Equus was anything more than an excuse to get people naked on a stage to make audiences uncomfortable—and call it art.   Heck even Daniel Ratcliff—the Harry Potter kid fell for that crazy liberalism crap when he played the lead role in Equus as one of his first opportunities after leaving the Harry Potter movies.   He did the full nudity thing in London where the play exhibited recently and for the same reasons that I described about the Taft Theater presentation.  Instead of the producers being my neighbor, it’s a new set of liberals who are using shock to advance their primal utterances and pull mankind into a flutter of liberalism from which it can never escape once seduced.  Daniel Ratcliff destroyed his career when he allowed his managers and industry producers to convince him that showing his goods on stage was a good thing to do.  Even Harrison Ford’s blockbuster status fell to earth in the 90s when he made the movie Presumed Innocent where he had sex with a woman very graphically on-screen.   Ford had all the accolades of a top-notch actor in Hollywood but that wasn’t enough, he wanted an Academy Award, and to do that you have to sign up for the exploits of liberalism.  Well, Ford never got his award and he has gone back to what made him great to begin with, but never to the same level—because he compromised himself.  Clint Eastwood went thought a similar spell with his movie Tightrope where he appeared as a sex crazed detective and was actually nude in the film.  Hollywood and liberalism in general is always looking to get people to compromise themselves from a lofty spot of admiration into a lowly figure no better than the collective goo of mass socialism.

I could actually write several books on this matter, but for brevity it is clear to me that liberalism is evil and cannot be reasoned with.  They cannot live in harmony with the rest of us and cannot have an equal stake in our American government.  I know as a very conservative person that I’ve bent over backwards a lot to attempt to respect other people’s views.  I’ve had a unique life full of rare opportunities and I’ve navigated them all unusually pure.  In my case I married early to a woman with an unusual commitment to purity and that kept me out of a lot of trouble.  But I credit myself with aligning myself with such a person to allow me to write all these articles now and to eventually conclude what the nature of liberalism truly is based on personal experience.  People like Harrison Ford can’t—because once you eat from the tree, you really lose your ability to criticize it—so it’s far easier to make liberal causes your new religion—like global warming is to many today—a scam designed to rectify the mistakes of their past.  If the God they shut out can be the new God that they walk on they fantasize that if they protect that God that their sins of the past might be forgiven.  But it can’t be.  Liberalism cannot live in the same world with the rest of us.  It doesn’t want to.  It needs chaos to grow, and emotional instability to sink roots into our lives, and it hates purity, justice, and resolution.  Liberalism only seeks destruction of intellect and human advancement, and is not conducive to the greater needs of an evolving species.  Therefore, I think it’s time that we declare it such and proceed forward on that foundation of thought.

Rich Hoffman

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Why You Should Cancel your Facebook Account: Finally, Sean Parker is saying what I have all along

I first heard about Facebook in the mid 2000 time frame while I was on the set of a movie.  The celebrities there were the first to get it and promote it, and among themselves it was the latest great thing.  At that time I had a Myspace account, which is probably still out there somewhere.  I haven’t been to it in years, and it was through that site that my networking with all the movie people happened.  I participated in that first jaunt into social networking and my work in Hollywood at that time was proof of the validity of that type of use.  We were all on break at the lunch from the catering truck and sitting at picnic tables having sandwiches and having a first look at this Facebook thing and comparing it to Myspace.  My reaction to it was that the new thing was evil and I told that to Jennie Garth who was sitting next to me showing me how the new platform worked.  The people around us of course thought I was being dramatic.  They were all part of her network and they were nice people excited about this way to speak to so many people so easily.  But I knew when I first looked at the Facebook platform that this thing was different, and was a bad thing.  I had recently read a book by Jim Marrs called Rule by Secrecy and it was obvious to me that Facebook was that big device that came along through the private sector that would connect as a spy to the Deep State and that it was essentially a mouse trap to track our thoughts and actions for a wider behavior grid of big brother management of our lives.

My resistance to Facebook was fine for a while until my novel Tail of the Dragon in 2012 came out and my publisher had a fit that I refused to network on the site.  As they said, everyone was on Facebook and part of my marketing contract with them stated that I needed to do everything I could to promote the book to the public and Facebook was the best modern age mechanism to do so.  It was at that point that I half heartedly let my son-in-law create an account for the book so that my personal information wasn’t on the site.  The Tail of the Dragon had a little site that fulfilled my contractual obligations, but it never went anywhere because it wasn’t connected to any real activity.  Facebook needed my network to be alive, so without my input it wasn’t like Myspace, or even Twitter in that people can follow you and watch you—which they can on Facebook but not in the same way.  What is different about Facebook is that it requires the users commitment to the wall in order to network to other people.  Otherwise nobody will find you.  Facebook essentially demands input and use of your time and if you don’t give it your time and attention, it doesn’t do anything for you.  That makes it all too human in the way it manipulates behavior patterns.  My relationship with my publisher up until the marketing of my novel had been great through every phase until we got to the marketing portion.  Even though I had a great blog site and a decent presence online, Facebook was their primary choice in building audiences for their books, so our relationship deteriorated over that sole issue.

Everyone in my family does Facebook and none of them understand my hatred of it but it all goes back to that night in Los Angeles where I was able to see Facebook being launched by celebrities.  They were excited about it and were doing the soft sell to their fan bases which expanded the reach of the social media device so that people could get close to their favorite movie stars on the off-chance one of them might “like” something they say.  Myspace originally came about to help promote musical bands, which essentially worked for everything as a way to connect people who might otherwise not meet.  That was after all how Hollywood found out about me and solicited some of my work with bullwhips.  Of course my refusal to use Facebook put me socially on the out, even with my own family.  That and my work with the Tea Party movement starting in 2009, I’ve described these days as having to make a choice in the cultural civil war that is taking place and I was one of the first to make a serious commitment to that cause, which cost me quite a lot of street credibility.  But it all goes back to my resistance to Facebook and the way it massively took over the lives of just about everyone I knew.  Sure, I could have went along with it and made many millions of dollars, but it went against my personal beliefs of what human beings should be doing with their time, and I wasn’t going to participate.  Facebook counts on peer pressure from family members to pull you in so they can plug into your behavioral profile, but with me it has had the opposite effect.  Neither my wife or I are on Facebook and we never will be because the nature of it is extremely intrusive, and manipulative.

That is why I found Sean Parker’s comments about Facebook to be very validating this past week.  Parker of course is one of the founders of the social media device that has opened up this new revolution of human manipulation.  Facebook takes advantage of several human weaknesses, aspects of existence that I think we should all overcome, not surrender to.  That was my problem with it in the beginning and continues to be.  I call it the nosy neighbor complex where it allows people to observe from a safe distance what you are doing in your life and you are inspired to surrender that information for the validation of your actions in the form of a “like.”  By always seeking that “like” for a new photo or saying, your peer groups are actually steering your intellectual input which then transfers over to real life behavior.  People find themselves wondering if an action they are doing will be judged appropriately on Facebook, because they don’t want the social disapproval of their peers telling them otherwise.  Additionally Facebook connects people of the present with people of the past going all the way back to childhood.  At first this might seem neat, having the ability to contact long-lost people from your high school days and seeing what they are up to, and even maintaining friendships with them.  A sister-in-law of mine actually married her fourth husband who was a friend from high school, and it was Facebook that made that relationship possible.  But what Facebook gets out of the exchange is much more devious, it’s the behavioral trail that the user leaves behind which then builds a case in the Deep State for control of our mass population in a very negative way.  So it was interesting to hear one of the Facebook founders validate everything negative I have said about Facebook  for over a decade now—when I was one of the only ones saying it.

Where Facebook fails is in its ability to capture the free will of people.  In their study of election patterns for example, say in the case of Donald Trump, Facebook was useless to polling groups because people held back on their opinion about Trump due to their fear that they would receive negative social validation feedback from their peers, so they silently supported him more than Facebook was able to detect in their behavioral analysis that they sold to Deep State organizations—which is how Facebook makes their money and why Mark Zuckerberg thinks he can run for president in 2020, based on Facebook feedback, which was faulty from the start.  That left the Deep State ill prepared for the election revolution that followed, and created the first break in trust that Facebook could be counted on to steer society in the proper direction.  Mark Zuckerberg had no explanation that assured the Deep State that they could continue trusting Facebook.  After all, the social media device had been out for over a decade and it had gone as far as it could.  Facebook did what it did, but nothing more.  I did not capture the free will of people, only the things they sought approval from regarding their peers—creating a behavior control mechanism, but not showing the true desires of the human soul.

I have always argued that all societies need to align themselves to their souls and not the persnickety traits of gossip and neighbor watching—the small minded stuff that anchors human beings to primate behavior.  Facebook inspires primate behavior, and I am against it—so much so that I will go against the grain even if I’m the only one—which it feels like I have been.  But I am very happy to be proven right once again.  You know, if you people would listen to me more, you’d be a lot better off in life.  A lot of people read what I write and they profit from it.  But sadly a lot of people read and they silently enjoy the content, but they fail to act on it.  If they listened to what I told them to do, they would be a lot better off.  Think about that in the future.  What Sean Parker is saying now is worthless, he already made his money and I’m sure he’s off on the next big tech revelation.  But just remember I said what he’s saying now all along, which takes a lot of guts, and it wasn’t easy—and cost me a lot personally.  It was the right position to take.  So remember that in the future when I say something and next time don’t wait until someone like Sean Parker provides validation.   Facebook is evil and it always has been.  Your participation in it feeds that evil expeditiously which is not good for the human species in any way.

I have since lost all my Hollywood friends to Facebook, I put myself on the outside of their networks and those contacts dissolved over time.  I’ve also ostracized the publishing industry, which I worked very hard for twenty years to nurture.  Most of my family is only on speaking term on holidays with me due to Facebook.  They love it—I hate it. My blog site, this Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom endeavor didn’t help.  Since Facebook was obviously trying to pull society in the other direction I figured I pissed off everyone anyway, so why not do it diving instead of falling if you know what I mean.  Right is right, and if you are going to take a position, you might as well do it in a spectacular way—so I started this site as a way to hedge against the massive online corruption that is Facebook.  Facebook is no good and it never has been.  It feeds the forces of evil with gossip and behavior patterns and it has surely destroyed at least two generations of people around the world, intellectually. To defeat that evil, you have to stop feeding it.  If you have a Facebook account, you are still part of the problem and will be until you stop feeding that evil for what it wants in spite of your personal desires.   My position against Facebook has cost me a lot, but I’d pay it all over again and more, because it was the right thing to do.

Rich Hoffman

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The Miracle of Arabella Kushner: Donald Trump’s magnificant trip to Asia

I’ve read a lot of books on American history, and world history, everything from American presidents to princes, queens, nobles, emperors, swashbucklers, dictators and freedom fighters and there’s never been anyone quite like Donald Trump. Without any close second place contenders Trump has delivered America its best foreign policy positioning in the history of our young nation. Trump as an expert communicator, and a fabulous wheeler-dealer has had the Middle East enthusiastic about his visits and has brought people together like nobody ever has. In Europe, Trump managed to end the Paris Climate Accord while still putting smiles on the faces of everyone effected and actually left things better than worse. Trump lately has stood up to North Korea in a way that nobody has ever done keeping all-out war just a phone call away while calling the hostile regime derogatory names, then while on their doorstep in South Korea inviting them to the 21st Century with a very potent speech, or face extinction. That was before arriving in China who funds North Korea and receiving a hero’s welcome. Trump was fabulous in Japan, South Korea, then China before traveling to Vietnam to deliver some of the best foreign policy statements I’ve ever heard or thought about hearing from a sitting president. But that wasn’t the best of it. Being a slick salesman who is actually sincere about the product he’s selling, Trump unleashed his little 6-year-old granddaughter in China who speaks fluent Mandarin and he won the hearts of a billion people in just a few minutes. It was quite extraordinary. Here is just a bit from how it was covered in the media which really melted away the hearts of the world in just one day of goodwill.

While media coverage of Donald Trump’s meeting with Chinese leader Xi Jinping Thursday focused on trade and North Korea, it was the wide-eyed crooning of the US leader’s granddaughter that stole Chinese netizens’ hearts.

In a video that Trump showed Xi during their stroll through the historic Forbidden City Wednesday, his granddaughter, Arabella Kushner, greets “Grandpa Xi and Grandma Peng (Liyuan)” with several Mandarin ballads and a recitation of ancient Chinese poetry.

China’s Xinhua state news agency, which circulated the clip widely on social media, reported that Xi said the six-year-old girl’s Mandarin skills deserved an “A+”.

This is similar to trips where Melania spoke to Vladimir Putin in Russian, then to the French president Emmanuel Macron in French while visiting those countries—fluently. The women who surround President Trump are just fabulous, from the oldest to the youngest—and that says a lot about him as a person. Trump knows how to surround himself with great people whether it’s his fine running Trump International businesses or his family—anything with Trump on it is of fine quality and high expectation—and that is a standard he set as a person. He is presently doing the same for not only the American nation, but the world at large—anybody willing to listen. Trump has truly elevated the game of politics and he has been willing to show off his family and allow them to shine light into the world in ways that nobody else has—and behind it all, people understand that it is Trump who created the foundation for so much excellence.

Arabella Kushner is a magnificent over-achiever who is well beyond her years, and that comes from being in a family of high expectations. The miracle of her very fluent Mandarin is that her parents and her grandpa set a high bar before the little girl knew that it was impossible to achieve. The kid is poised to be a miracle of her own—and the Chinese people couldn’t help but see that. One thing about Asians in general is that they appreciate excellence and hard work, so the way to their hearts is to show great effort and respect. Trump in all his business dealings over the years understands people and what they need no matter where they are, so he brought his granddaughter along on this China trip to let her use all those skills she so diligently worked on and put her on a big stage to show her stuff. Trump understood what his granddaughter needed at this stage in her life, but what’s great about Trump is that he knows how to match that need with the needs of the world. How else to cut off funding to North Korea and flatten out a severe trade deficit but to melt the hearts of your opposition with a nice little girl and her dedication to their language—as a display of hard work and respect.

Anybody who looks at this Trump administration and can’t see anything good is just functioning from ideological evil. I mean Ivanka Trump isn’t exactly a far-right Republican and Trump isn’t ideological—there should be a lot of issues that Democrats could find that they’d like about him. Their only objective though is to keep him from winning anything so that they can capture some ideological seats in 2018 and 2020. But they are missing something that is truly wonderful, we are seeing a president that will be honored more graciously than Mt. Rushmore in the future living right in front of our faces. The legend is being written now and we are witness to it. In the future people will not remember the hateful New York Times hit pieces, or the withering Hollywood haters who have been trying to transfer their hate onto Trump for many personal failures they are suffering from. Or the Democrats who are so lost presently that they are using Donna Brazile as a way to show that they aren’t all corrupt—as they try to rebrand their failed party. Think about that, they are using a woman accused of giving Hillary Clinton debate questions as a representative of moral virtue?

The Democrats or the Republicans have nobody who could walk into China like a giant from the West and entertain a billion people with sheer charisma and the charm of a 6-year-old, then fly out to a former enemy, Vietnam and deliver one of the best foreign policy speeches in history like it was just one more hole on a golf course. Trump does all these things while working with the House and Senate by phone to get tax reform down by Christmas and he still has time to send condolence calls to victims of the mass shooting in Texas and manage FEMA as the hurricane relief of 2017 is still underway. Trump is AMAZING and everyone but the evil people who hate him see it. They only reason they don’t see the great things he is doing is because they choose not to.

The Arabella Kushner story was a good one when the world needed it. It started with Ivanka and her husband Jared setting a high bar for their child. From that came an optimism toward the future that every human being can respect. And when she was ready President Trump was able to give the little girl a big stage and a purpose for her newly acquired skill that melted the divide between capitalism and communism and put everyone on a stage of mutual respect. Then Trump gave a blistering speech about the benefits of free market capitalism and extended a bridge toward peace and fair trade practices that has never been offered truly in any other prior period before. What a wonderful opportunity that was pulled off flawlessly. If there was any other way to sell capitalism to the only communist country in the world and to dance across the fires that are behind the scenes of American, Chinese relations—Trump found the sweet spot, and he deserves a lot of credit for walking that fine line very well, even better than anyone could have ever expected.

Rich Hoffman
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Trump Republicans are Growing: The smoke and mirrors of the Virginia election show the real truth

I keep hearing that the Democrats won major victories in the 2017 election with governor pick-ups in Virginia and New Jersey.  They are also saying that the election was a referendum on President Trump.   I think the people who are saying those types of things are smoking crack.  For instance, at the link below you can see the county-by-county breakdown of the Gillespie battle with Northam and the results are quite clear.  The entire state of Virginia is not being represented by this shift in politics.  It is as it usually is, the dense population centers around Richmond and up in Fairfax that essentially determined the race.  Also the Virginia Beach area which is typically filled with beach bums, pot smokers and other liberal losers obviously moved in a Democratic direction as they always will.  All those blue areas contain either large numbers of government workers who are voting to preserve their wallets, or they have huge amounts of people on government assistance who want to see the money keep coming in.  But the rest of the state, especially down in the Wise County region are as red as red gets regarding conservatism, and they are most of the state by county persuasion.

The election of Northam doesn’t provide a referendum on Donald Trump.  It means that we have too many members of the swamp living in Fairfax who need to be drained.   Those are the people who have grown tremendously in size over the last sixteen years as more and more high paying government jobs were added to Washington under an ever-expanding government.  They aren’t going to vote for a Republican who wants to eliminate their jobs—ever.  So if there is anything that has changed Virginia from purple to blue, it’s the government workers in Fairfax.  There’s nothing mysterious about the election.  Democrats have filled the state with regions of people who want hand outs, and jobs that only government can provide—where pay is approximately 30% higher than other regions of the country.  Fairfax is after all one of the richest counties in the country, but it doesn’t come from private industry, it comes from government workers who live there and commute to their Washington jobs feeding the swamp.

You could say the same thing really about the rest of the country; if you look at the entire United States county-by-county you will not see a lot of support for Democrats.  Where you do see large blue voting blocks are in the tightly packed cities where heroin addicts, government workers, prostitutes, welfare recipients and generally dumb people reside in large group think territories.  Those are the voters who pick Democrats, regular people who live in the vast red areas are underrepresented in politics because they tend to be spread out in rural territories—and that is a problem of “democracy.”  Lucky for us we have a republic so that those vast red areas between the two coasts do not get out-voted by the group think liberals who chose to live on top of each other in urban centers.  Why people would choose to do such a thing reflects their personal preference to hide within the safety of numbers rather than the individuality normally witnessed in rural cultures.

That is why it’s a serious folly to look at any election where government workers and social losers are disproportionately congregated and to assume a social trend against President Trump.  It’s actually the opposite, people in the red counties are tired of getting pushed around by the losers in the blue areas, and that is the cause of the current civil war—not with guns, but with words and ideological conflict.  I’ve heard a lot about how many liberals thought the country would come together after a year of Trump, and that he has made an environment that has driven the country apart.  Give me a break, President Trump has done a fantastic job, and he’s tried to play nice.  Democrats never wanted to play nice, they only wanted to impose themselves on the world around them and they always look to make red areas blue like insects infecting a house with termites.  They start in cells of collective activity, like Fairfax, Richmond, and Virginia Beach, and they seek to destroy the countryside county-by-county until the house collapses.  That is all they know to do as parasites to the human race.  And they call it a tendency toward violence if we think to resist them.  Well, of course we’re going to resist them.  They don’t think like us, they don’t act like us, and they don’t have the same values which are hard work, love of country, God, guns and family.

No, the trend is still in favor of Donald Trump’s takeover of the Republican Party.  While it’s true that there is an even more diligent civil war within the Republican Party going on presently, that war will be won by the Trump forces.  The Bush presidents have written a little book called The Last Republicans acknowledging as much essentially.  Their obvious hatred of Trump and his supporters is very telling about what’s going on in America right now.  Conservatives have rejected the Skull and Bones promises of the Bush family toward global unification and are seeking to preserve their lives out in the red counties of rural America.  It’s pretty much that simple.  If the Bush presidents thought that the Republican Party was their view of the world, they were obviously mistaken, and haven’t been to an NRA even recently.  For twelve years I was frustrated with how weak both Bush presidents were.  I voted for them because I had no other choice and I certainly wasn’t going to vote for a bunch of hippie liberals.  But the Bush presidents were not bastions of conservatism.   When I had a choice I took it happily, and so did many other people.

Ohio’s governor John Kasich is of that Bush-era Republican demeanor.  The Party has left him behind and moved back to where the people who live in those flyover states and in counties between cities want them.  That’s not going to change.  Hollywood hasn’t changed those people.  The newspapers haven’t.  Nothing has after many years of liberal advances with that objective in mind.  Republicans who put their finger to the liberal winds of change and decided to concede, like the Bush presidents, Kasich, Boehner, and many others assumed that their concessions would be followed.  Instead, people rejected them and they are upset about it—naturally.  The trend isn’t toward Kasich and the Bush family—it’s toward Trump or perhaps even further to the political right.  The people analyzing the 2017 election obviously aren’t looking at the right things, because they are still holding out hope that the inevitable changes won’t come to sweep them away in their part of this modern civil war.  The residents of Fairfax should take their loot and go because the trend is not in their favor.

The Democrats aren’t going to have a miracle surge in support.  The whole Donna Brazile episode of the present is more about the Democratic Party trying to distance themselves from Hillary Clinton and recasting their brand with some moderate Republican support.   Brazile has thrown some red meat to Republicans trying to position themselves for the midterms, to take the edge off.  But the Democrats themselves are making a push to the political left, so we are all moving further away from each other, not more to the center the way it was when Bush was president, or his dad.  Republicans like Kasich want to move to the left with them to keep the peace.  But that’s not going to happen—and it never was.  Only people who don’t understand the situation even entertained such a notion.  The red counties of the red states are rejecting liberalism and if you look at the map of Virginia that is obvious.  The only difference is that the smoke and mirrors of the Democratic Party have been able to use a few counties in Virginia to fluff their feathers like a peacock to look better than the situation really is, and they are desperate to sell it.  But in that desperation is the truth, and that is not good for the Democrats—but it is great for the Trump Republicans.

Rich Hoffman

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